What can we do to grow the warm contact list for our MLM?


When you join an MLM, most companies like Avon, AdvoCare, DoTERRA will tell you to make long list of everyone you know, including all your friends, family & colleagues. Make this list as long as you can and you will be told to go after them, starting from the highest likely to be interested and going on down. Most people will not experience open arms and welcoming gestures from their closest family & friends, it’ll mostly be bitterness and coldness. This is at that point they will begin to hear the negative doubting talk from their closest associates which turns into their own negative self talk.

At this point, when they are not landing any success, even the most motivated individual will begin to fade away from the opportunity and begin to second guess themselves. This is where most MLM see the massive drop out rates, its not that 100% of the people that failed ever gave it a valiant effort.

You see when you make your warm contact list in the beginning, where most people fail is that they count all their eggs in one basket. You have to go attack that list expecting that most will turn you down. But there is a skill to growing your warm contact list so that you see some success before you allow yourself the luxury of doubt to creep back into.

You have to prospect daily. Ask your warm contact list if they are not interested, do they know somebody that might be interested? Everyone always knows someone. In fact in AdvoCare there is a leader named Dawn Funk who makes few grand per month, claim that from her warm contact list she made in the beginning, she only has one customer buying products from her. All the rest of her business that has allowed her to grow a large team in fact came from people completely outside of her immediate circle of influence.

I will say this again, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Meaning don’t put all your hopes and dreams at the whim of your friends & family. They say you are the 9 people you hang out with the most, perhaps the one of the reason you are where you are at today, is because of your friends & family.

So it should be expected that most of your current circle of friends & family will not have the aspiration & drive to join a business opportunity with you. Expect that and most importantly accept that about them. Think of going way outside your comfort zone, we’re talking completely different circles, join gyms and other memberships and begin talking to more and more new people everyday.

You will be surprised at how much potential market is around you when you begin looking, or you can try learning about generating leads online as well to complement, I know this blog that teaches that sort of stuff, to check out that site you can go here

I don’t have time at the moment to learn about SEO and all this other online stuff but I know it holds a lot of power. I know in Empower Network it was the guys that knew how to do the techy stuff that reaped all the benefits so¬† I know it is possible to kill it especially because a lot of these companies don’t put emphasis on this sort of stuff.

Ok so to recap

If you are worried about getting leads for your MLM business and you don’t think you are going to make it because all your friends & family is turning you down… think again because you shouldn’t allow the 9 people that got you in the place you’re at today determine your future any longer.

Break free and I’ll tell you from experience, going way outside your comfort zone is healthy and good for you.


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