Milde Whall’s Introduction, Why I joined MLM


Hello everyone my name is Milde Whall and on this blog I like to talk about my journey of becoming an entrepreneur and running a business for myself. I wake up and listen to inspiring music like Hans Zimmer music like especially inĀ Last Samurai.

It all started 3 years ago, I had been working for a firm for good 4 years out of college, making $2,200 per month and after working for that good while and doing a great job for the company, I was told that I was getting a raise. Well I got a little excited about that so I had my hopes up.

I was thinking positive about life in general and then the day came to get my raise and I got a wopping $60 per month raise and my heart sank 10 ft into the ground.

This was not my idea of the American dream and I was shocked and all but distraught.

I was then determined that I cannot rely on my career to pave the way for me any longer, and I had to hurry on up and make a name for myself and make a living outside of the 9 to 5, slaving away hours for little pay check drip, I felt like a cage and I felt stuck and imprisoned like a caged animal.

There was something seriously missing in my life, something was not right and I was in a pigeon hold.

I wanted to escape and run but I didn’t know how. I wanted to do something to leave and retire for good but with bills I have to pay every month, there was no option for me.

Then I was searching online about making money from home or running a business from home and I came across various threads and articles about MLM or multi-level marketing, and I found a whole pocket of testimonials of stay at home moms and other full time employees making couple grand per month on part time basis that eventually allowed them to quit their day job.

To tell you the truth, it felt too good to be true but as I looked deeper into this and I studied it further, I was more and more interested in what this was all about.

The pain of my current life situation of continuing to be an employee was too painful for me so I kept my eyes set on the end goal which was Freedom.

I decided to put everything on the line and make a all or nothing commitment to one MLM company by the name of AdvoCare and that is where my life began as a MLM junkie that learned everything there is to know about this market model and be the champion that I was born to be.

Because let me tell you something, I am worth more than $2,200 per month working 40 hour work weeks. I am far far more than that and I will do everything in my power to prove it.

Follow the blog for more exciting journey on MLM.

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